I am Hazelknots...

I’ve been a creator ever since social media became the norm. I love writing poetry and essay. I love to travel and tell stories about the wonders of places I traveled to. Taking photos and making shot videos help me see the world in a more creative perspective…

I create reels and short vids that speaks my mind. 

You can check out my Tiktok account here.

Fashion & Photography

I love taking photos and posing for a photo shoot.

It’s not just about the picture itself but more on moment and the mood on the how, when and where the image is taken.

I’m also into collecting fashionable clothing, bags, shoes and other wearables. For me, it’s about the confidence on wearing the apparel. The way you look is never about how people see you, it’s about being yourself and how you dress up as your own persona. 

You can check out my instagram account here.

Songs and Vibes

Even when I was little, I love music. And I love singing songs that touches my heart and soul.

And till now, if I have time, I find myself grabbing the microphone and jiving with the melodies.

Music is the way for me to achieve that serenity and peace.

Listen to my song covers here.